• About Year of Spies

    Year of Spies is an exciting twelve part thriller espionage web series set to unfold over the course of a year. Each 'mission' is set and themed around a different month.

    The series is created and directed by British film-maker Chris Stone and it is filmed entirely in the UK.

  • Synopsis

    Armed and very dangerous; an elite collection of secret agents must track down and eliminate deadly threats over the course of twelve months, no matter what the risk or personal cost.
    But when the stakes are high and there's deception at every turn, the line between hero and villain starts to blur.

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  • Get Involved

    Year of Spies can't exist without your help.

    A truly collaborative project, every episode is made on zero budget.

    If you'd like to get involved in Year of Spies in any role, please get in touch with us! We need your help.

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    We love social media!
    Contact, follow and interact with the Year of Spies team.

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Get Involved

Year of Spies. Photograph by Will Sherratt. Year of Spies. Photograph by Will Sherratt. Year of Spies. Photograph by Will Sherratt. Year of Spies. Photograph by Will Sherratt.

Thanks for your interest in Year of Spies!

This series can't exist without the help and support of people like you. This is a collaborative project, every episode is made on zero budget, and we're always looking for people to get involved and contribute in any way at all, no matter how small.


If you would like to become an official brand sponsor of Year of Spies then get in touch! Send an email to info@chrisstonefilms.com.

As an official sponsor, your logo would appear on your sponsored episode(s) and would be included on all promotional work for that month(s). Your contribution would help support our production hugely.

Being an official sponsor is a way of delivering increased awareness of your brand to a global audience through a revolutionary new format. Our previous web horror series Blood and Bone China has had over half a million hits on YouTube and received worldwide media coverage. The series went on to win multiple awards including BEST WEB SERIES OF 2011 at the Indie Intertube Awards.

Being Social

Being Social

We are independent production so we're heavily relying on social media to help new people find Year of Spies.

You can help us by being social! Every tweet, Facebook post, share and comment means so much to us. It's your word of mouth that lets other people know about our web series and helps get the ball rolling for us. Sharing is caring!

Join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter for exclusive updates!

Are you an actor?

Are you an actor?

We can't make our episodes without great actors. We need talented people to bring Year of Spies to life.

If you would like to audition for a role in an exciting episode of Year of Spies, please get in touch! Send us your headshot, a link to your showreel and a few details about yourself including your location to info@chrisstonefilms.com.

Also please keep an eye on our Facebook page for casting calls.



Year of Spies is being produced on zero budget. It's made with sheer passion and determination. We feel so very honoured and privileged that we get so much donated to the production in kind. You don't have to, but if you feel you would like to donate anything, thank you so much!

If you have access to an awesome location, can lend props and costumes or you'd like to help out in any way, please send us an email.

If you'd like to make a monetary contribution to the production, there are donate buttons across the website. Even the smallest donation helps us out!

Festivals and Screenings

Festivals and Screenings

If you would like to screen Year of Spies episodes at your event, festival, school or college, please get in touch, we'd love you to show it!

Chris has given numerous guest lectures on web series and long form narrative production at a variety of events including universities and colleges as well film festivals such as Raindance and YouTube.

To discuss giving a guest lecture at your event, send an email to info@chrisstonefilms.com.

You can interact with the Year of Spies production team and keep up to date with current news via director Chris Stone's Twitter and the Year of Spies Facebook. If you would like to get involved in any way, contact us for more information.